in my perfect world, money would not matter. so why does it?

because in order to have time to love and make memories, i must have money. i do not love money, i love time to be with my family... &money can bring that to me. that is the most important thing to me.yes, i could make memories living outside and searching through dumpsters and live without money... or i could work hard now so i have money later and make memories playing games and dancing around the house singing (because i am not burdened by 12 hour shifts multiple times a week) and going on relaxing trips to the beach with my family(because my husband busted his bum for ten years so we could live a comfortable life).

i want to live simply.

a life burdened by a blasting television, video games, computer games, constant texting, a cluttered unclean home, too much stuff that we don't need, envy, sin, bodies burdened by too much sugar and caffeine, and an unhealthy lifestyle do nothing but distract from what we really want in life...

happiness and love.

i want my life to be full of love, happiness, simplicity, time, memories, service, healthy food, gardens, bike rides, trips, adventures, cuddling, the Gospel, fruit trees, baking fresh pies, classy outfits, soft blankets, comfy pillows, singing, dancing, croquet, open space, laughing, contentment, family, friends, home, and beauty.

does that sound like an unreachable fantasy that is not realistic in our wicked world? yes, it does. but it's not... because my life is full of most of those things now! and if i work for the rest then i know i will reach it.