happy people

think about the happiest people you know. how do they do it? i love to think about this. isn't happiness just what we all really want?

happy people do what they love.

they figure out what they love, and they do it.

happy people sing. if they love to sing, they sing. even if it's not convenient or they haven't found a way to make it full-time or it may seem silly at times... they make time to sing. because they know it fills their soul. [singing is an example. may be substituted with other things such as fishing, playing soccer, sewing, running, baking, etc]

happy people go on picnics. they make time to enjoy two often overlooked parts of life- food and the great outdoors. they don't live off the vending machine and eat in their room. they prepare their food and their meals. they go outside to enjoy it because the sun is the best medicine sometimes. [this is an example of taking something simple that we do every day and making it enjoyable and fabulous]

happy people don't compare themselves to others. they've realized that will never bring satisfaction. if you're looking, you will always be able to find someone prettier, skinnier, richer, more fashionable, smarter, or "happier" than you are. "keeping up with the jones" is a never-ending search for a thirst you will never quench.

happy people aren't slaves to... anything.
they aren't slaves to television or overeating or addictions or shopping or whatever else may tempt them. they don't let their appetites control them. they don't indulge themselves too often. they know that moderation in all things brings balance and peace.

happy people are satisfied with who they are. the size 00 model envies the girl who is a size ten who is confident and comfortable in her own skin and doesn't live her life trying to be something she's not. she doesn't care if she's not "perfect." who would want to be vogue magazine's definition of perfect anyways?!

happy people are happy because they have chosen to be. they are satisfied with the life they have made for themselves. even when life is hard, they find joy in the little things and focus on the things that matter most.