mine have changed fast. my definitions of a want and a need have changed. and i'm thankful. this experience has changed me and i will forever be changed. i will be more understanding of people going through disasters. i will know how to help them and not just helplessly want to help but not know how. i will think twice about what i buy and what i consider a need and how i spend my time.

we didn't have any bowls, so we ate out of measuring cups and glasses and tupperware containers... and guess what? they work just the same!

i literally did not brush or comb or condition my long hair in 15 days. that has to be some sort of record for a "high-functioning" professional adult wtih a full-time job.

what do i do with my time? i hug dan. i scratch his back. i tell him i love him. i just lay with him and we talk. i sit and think. he's all i need. he is what i have chosen to dedicate my life to. he is more important than keeping the house clean or doing a project or any other thing. i try to avoid extra projects/signing up for things/putting more on my plate. i have the basics and plenty more.

i have learned to simplify in such a real, wonderful way. it's more a change of mind that anything else. i'm not always wanting more. i want less. i've realized what a burden material possessions & a full schedule really can become. we have everything we need and so much more. we are so blessed. we have love and life and need nothing more.